Maternity Clothing Pattern: An Important Factor in the Selection of Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothing is something that is obviously very necessary for women during the time that they are pregnant. After all they cannot be wearing normal clothing during this time, as their body has taken on an entirely new form.

Designs and patterns involved here cover almost all of the aspects of how the maternity clothing lines look like, from the fabric that is used to the color and from the cutting to the arts and the patterns that are on the actual fabric. Some famous maternity clothing pattern ranges would be: floral, cartoon, oriental, and middle-eastern, for instance.

Floral – A Common Pattern

One maternity clothing pattern of particular popularity would be that of the floral designs; floral designs here would refer to the designs around the neck, the arms, and on gowns at the bottom surrounding the whole edge. Most of the times, floral designs can be found on casual maternity wear such as home dresses, gowns, outdoor or gardening wear, and so on.

Sometimes even formal dresses have a bit of these floral patterns, but not so much, especially if the official maternity clothing pattern would look odd at places like offices and other more formal settings.

Embroidered Designs and Patterns

Another common maternity clothing pattern would be that of embroidery. This type of maternity clothing pattern would usually render the clothing to be slightly more expensive and thus generally only worn on special occasions or situations such as outdoor events or functions, or sometimes for occasional outings as well.

Most of these types of maternity clothing come from more eastern countries like Indonesia and Thailand, or sometimes from the Philippines and India, for instance, and their designs are usually be of universal patterns, meaning to say that anyone from any country would be able to wear it for any purpose, and still feel comfortable and look beautiful.

Special occasion embroidered patterns would absolutely be more exclusive than the normal ones, and usually these dresses can not be worn for any other purposes than what they were intended to, simply because they would look odd in a different type of setting.

Besides ready-made ones like the above, some maternity clothing boutiques also have tailoring services where at you can choose your own maternity clothing pattern and their matching fabric or material, as well as your preferred size and color and custom-order them. Usually this type of maternity clothing pattern is simpler than the ready-made ones as you can custom fit the piece of clothing to fit your body exactly.

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