Shopping for Petite Maternity Clothing

People at either the extreme of the height and weight scale often have to vigorously search for the perfect fit of clothing, and they often come up empty handed. Adding pregnancy into this hunt for comfortable clothing can make the search doubly hard. Finding petite maternity clothing for small-framed women can be a challenge, but taking the time to shop for clothes that fit well and look good is incredibly important, especially during pregnancy.

What Petite Women Should Look for in Maternity Clothes

Colors and patterns are an important consideration for petite maternity clothing, especially as your growing stomach can become large enough to make your small frame look extremely out of proportion, and so staying away from large prints that attract attention is the best thing to do. Bright colors also draw the eye, so you should be sure to look for darker shades that tend to be more slimming on the body.

As well, try to stay away from waistlines and drawstring shirts and bottoms that will only result in make your growing belly look even bigger. Dresses without a waistline are perfect for petite maternity clothing – as they draw the eye down and give the illusion of height, and will therefore help take some of the width away from your frame, especially in the later months of your pregnancy.

Altering Regular Clothing to Fit

Keep in mind that regular-sized clothing can often be cheaper than petite maternity clothing, and so considering that your size during this time is temporary, don’t fall into the trap of spending more for something that you’ll only wear a few months. The selection of regular sizes is also better than petite maternity clothing and more options are available.

However there are many options that are available to you here; for instance, why not source out a seamstress who can alter clothing by adjusting hemlines and taking in seams for custom-made petite maternity clothing? Therefore, you will be able to buy regular sizes, which have a wider range of styles and colors, and have the clothing altered to a custom fit.

Pregnancy is a time of your life that, while only temporary, can still be quite shocking as your body takes on new shapes and forms. You should remember to always shop for clothing that makes you feel good about yourself – clothes that are baggy, too long, or rolled up, for instance, will take away from your self-esteem and self-image. So whether you choose to shop at specialty stores for petite maternity clothing or find ways to size down regular clothing to fit, buying clothes that you’re not swimming in will pay off because you’ll feel better about yourself overall.







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