Having Your Plus-Size Maternity Clothing Custom Made

For women who are larger than average finding plus-size maternity clothing can be a serious challenge. Building a wardrobe to accommodate an increasing size when you’re already struggling to find everyday clothing isn’t easy – either clothing is too tight around the waist, the overall fit is poor and snug, or the styles of the available plus-size maternity clothing are unflattering. Your best bet to being comfortable and looking good is to have your plus-size maternity clothing custom made to fit and to expand while your waistline increases. There's no reason to settle for an ugly or uncomfortable wardrobe during a period where you need to feel better.

Know What You Want Ahead of Time

Visit a department store, and look through their selection of sewing patterns for plus-size maternity clothing. Find some styles that you like and choose the size that's closest to your own. Look for patterns for pants, shirts and dresses, especially ones that you’re drawn to or think you’d feel good wearing. Choose clothing styles that are loose and comfortable, and avoid anything heavy or clinging. You'll feel tight and stuck in clothing that clings, and breezy materials make you feel fresher and younger.

Next, look through the yellow pages for a seamstress in your area and call the person up to explain your situation, and mention you've bought patterns they can work with. Seamstresses are skilled in altering store-bought patterns to different sizes. Start by having pants and a dress made, because below the waist is the area most affected in the early months. You'll be able to wear the shirts and blouses you already own for a few months before you'll need something with more room or expansion. Any plus-size maternity clothing you have made should take many size increases into consideration.

When choosing fabrics for your plus-size maternity clothing, be careful of colors and patterns. Darker colors, like black, are slimming and complimentary, while bright colors and bold prints only draw attention to your girth. Pick out material that feels good against your skin, with colors that complement your hair or eyes. The important thing to keep in mind for your plus-size maternity clothing is that you want to feel good, both inside and out, so put in that extra effort to find a wardrobe that you like and enjoy wearing. Don't settle for something tent-like or unflattering, and show that you care about your body and your baby by putting your best foot - and clothes - forward.



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