Colorful Women’s Tennis Clothing

Color is in regards to all types of clothing, including that of women’s tennis clothing. With all the antiquated rules about pure white tennis outfits gone now, color and fashion have truly exploded on the tennis courts.

Warm up suits are still sort of conservative, except for the fact that they can be bright yellow or purple with orange stripes. Even the tennis balls are color coordinated these days.

One hardly has to think about women’s tennis clothing, as it basically stands out to the point of where you cannot miss it, and women’s tennis clothing is big business and prime-time advertising spots are filled with pictures of millionaire superstar tennis players. Everyone is considered with fashion nowadays, and that especially includes a matter such as women’s tennis clothing.

Women’s Tennis Clothing

Cute little pleated tennis skirts still exist, but often they’re not at all pleated anymore. Some of the newer tennis skirts are tight, tighter and skin-tight sexy and even come with matching panties. Occasionally you’ll see a one piece dress but it’s not the norm anymore. So although you can still find the vintage styles, there are so many new and more appealing ones that it seems as though no one wants to be caught dead wearing a style from the past, unless it becomes a fashion trend again, of course.

Moving up the body we find very breathable, well-fitting but flexible garments – mostly sleeveless or capped sleeve shirts. Many of the tops here look as though they have a built in sports bra, but function follows form here and style is everywhere. Tops also come with necklines open, traditional v-neck and adjustable v-forming across-the-chest construction. Name brand polo shirts are still very wearable.


Today’s fashion in regards to women’s tennis clothing has truly come around full circle. The wristwatch is a sports watch, for instance, and sweatbands are pretty much for professionals, but headbands, jewelry, hats and sunglasses are big items. In recent years female tennis stars are regularly seen endorsing several branded items or starting their own line of women’s tennis clothing and accessories.


Women’s tennis clothing is absolutely focused on that of color. Color is everywhere and in itself has changed the look and feel of the game. One might be inclined to say that image and look seem to have replaced athletic ability as the prominent aspects of tennis, especially related to women’s tennis clothing.

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